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Hygge meaning

What is “hygge” and why do we hear so much about it? 

You most likely came across the danish word “hygge”. But it might be confusing what it actually means and how to define it. Hygge is a Danish word that can more or less translate into coziness or have a cozy time. That is not wrong but not completely true either. Hygge is hard to define. To get the real hygge experience you might have to be or have visited

cozy time on the crouch

Denmark. Luckily for us and you (the reader), one of our founders is from Denmark and his hygge definition sounds like this:

“Hygge can be with a blanket on the couch with your pup next to you. It can also be when you are having a good time with friends and family. Hygge is more a feeling than a thing to do. IIf you feel what you are doing is special, is it hygge. If you do a quick google search on the concept hygge, you will get images of a couch, candles, and a blanket. As described above, is it correct, but It doesn't have to involve a couch and a blanket as many think incl. google”. 

Doganic would like to help you bring hygge into your daily life or at least on the weekends. It is important for us as humans we an create special moments, both with family, friends and our dogs. Hygge is an important thing/ feeling we all should have in our life

Fun with dog

How can you use Doganic to bring hygge into your’s and your pup’s life? 

With Doganic you can bring hygge into your life and have a “hyggelig” time with your pups. 

We will give you three ideas on how you can use Doganic to create hygge.

  • The Park; Most dogs love the park. At the park, your dog can play fetch, play with other dogs or walk around sniffing. We have all seen our pup walk around and explore all the great smells from grass to flowers. Bring your dog’s favorite treat bag, whatever if it is Banana, Pumpkin, Apple, or Sweet Potato to the park. With the treats you bring a blanket, a toy, or a ball for your dog (you can also bring all three items). Enjoy the sun on the blanket while your dog enjoys the park, (always keep an eye on your dog, and only keep your pup off leash if allowed). This is a special time for your dog and that it what we call hygge. You are both having a good time. To make extra hyggeligt, give your pup a treat once in a while as a snack.  
  • Pumpkin patch
    Patches: During the holiday season we love to go to the Pumpkin and Christmas tree patches. It is a part of the holiday and what makes it special. You can bring your dog to the patch as well. Most puppies love to spend time outside, and the patch is a perfect opportunity to do so. Bring your dog’s favorite treat (pumpkin for the fall) to the pumpkin or Christmas tree patch. Use the delicious organic treat as a small snack while you drink the warm apple cider. Walk around the patch, have a good time, and find the pumpkin or tree you like with your dog. That is hyggeligt!  
  • The cozy night on the count. The last suggestion we will give you, for now, is the cozy time you find if you google hygge. On a Saturday night, bring a bowl of popcorn, and a small bowl of treats together with a blanket to the couch. To create extra hygge, bring a cup of tea or coffee. Turn on a movie and before you know it, your dog will be right next to you snuggling up. While you eat your popcorn, give your dog a few treats as a snack. What more do we need for a hyggeligt Saturday night? We think it sounds perfect. 

What is your favorite hygge moment with your dog? Share with us on in the comments or on instagram @doganictreats

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